Third Meditation Class

Feb 20, 2002 – Third Meditation Class

In this class we are thought how to run energy. We run Earth and Cosmic naturally, when we were young this happens automatically, when we get older, sometimes, it gets slow and clogged. One of the purpose of running energy is to clean out all the ‘dirt’ and all the energy to wash clean all our channels. This helps to clean out karma, misconceptions and other blocks which can cause pain.

The interesting thing about it is that is similar to the Taoist chi meditation in which a practitioner would move his chi in a circular orbit around his body. This I used to practice during my teen years.

This running of energy consists of 2 parts. The first part is to draw from the earth, earth energy to run up through the feet, to reach the 1st chakra and return down to the earth via the grounding cord. To do this, sit comfortably on a chair, place feet firmly on the ground. Imagine opening the feet chakra. The feet chakra is located somewhere in the middle of the feet. If you move your palm a few inches over soles, there is a spot that feels different. This is your feet chakra. Create a grounding cord, and imagine the earth energy flowing up your legs, mix a little in your 1st chakra and down your grounding cord. You will find there is a warm sensation running through your legs was this happens.

The second part is to run cosmic energy. Imagine opening your crown chakra and draw in the cosmic energy from the father est part of the universe. The crown chakra can be found also by running your hand over your head. There is a spot there that feels hot, that is your crown chakra. Visualize the energy coming through your crown chakra down your back, this splits into 4 channels from your neck until your 1st chakra. Now let the energy of the earth and cosmic energy mix a little. Now imagine the combined energy (90% cosmic 10% earth) come up through the middle of the body and through all the chakras. As it reaches the throat chakra, 1/3 will flow down the arms into your hand chakras and fountain out. The rest fill continue up through the crown chakra and fountain out. This energy will now wash through your aura and down through the grounding cord where the edge of the aura intersects the grounding cord.
The cosmic energy felt different for different people, although earth energy felt about the same. I wonder why. Some people felt that the cosmic energy was cooler and lighter. I felt it to be extremely hot. 

When I tried it weeks before this class. There was a sharp pain as if someone stabbed a needle into my throat. I stopped everything and I remembered that a psychic saying that I had like a chain, or some medallion covering my throat chakra with a lock on it. I then visualized my own hands reaching for the blockage and saying “Whatever this blockage is, I don’t need this anymore”. When I started to run energy this time, it flowed without any pain. Although the flow through my throat felt sluggish as if it was being used for the first time.

Nothing significant happened this time. The only unusual thing that happened was that one of the students whom I practiced the mind projection (as described below) ask if I was bored again. I asked her why, she said it was because she felt my mind again and it had a familiar presence.


Second Meditation Class

Feb 13, 2002 – Second Meditation Class

In this class, as usual the clairvoyant students did some psychic healing. Once everyone has arrived, we split into groups and the class began proper. We started with us describing our observations during our practice during the week. After which we proceeded to learn the Golden Sun method for recalling our own energy and refueling ourselves. The method is to visualise a bright burning sun about 6 feet above us.

Now will that the sun start recalling all the energy that we have left behind. Like those we left in our work place, from people who we met, anywhere that our mind has focused on. Visualise the energy returning and after a while release the energy and let it fall onto our bodies and let the golden light fill up every cell of our bodies. This was very interesting as many of us found ourselves much more refreshed after this.

Karma was defined as an exchange of energy with a place or another being. This energy is what is holding ourselves back from progressing. To dissolve the karma, visualise a rose and let it represent the energies that both you and the place/being is being held. Ground it and let it drain out until its clear.

The next major thing we learned was that we can use grounding for just about anything. Just as we can leave energies in beings and places so can anyone else. Learning to ground your car helps you to remove these energies that you and others put into it. To do that visualise the car and create a grounding cord between the car and the earth. Now at this point, I’m embarrassed to admit.. I got bored. I turned my mind to look at the other students in the class. I saw shadows that represent the shape of the people and a glowing cord connection their spine to the center of the earth.

Whats even more amazing was that I saw the cars that they were visualising. I noticed that Grace who was sitting next to me had a low 2 seater sports and when I mentioned it later she said she had a Z3 and I was correct. I noticed other cars like a white Japanese car, green 4 wheel drive jeeps and so on. I’m bad at knowing car shapes so I can’t name models just the description of the types. 

The last thing we did that night was to demonstrate to ourselves what is like to have another person in our minds and what’s it like to be in someone else’s mind. This was interesting. To be in another mind, it feels strange and foreign. For someone to be in your mind, you feel an unwelcome pressure. 

Experience and observations before the next class:

1) I found sometimes when after ground, golden sun. I would sit silently for a while. I get flashes of a purple crystal forming in my head. It seems to be forming more facets. Don’t understand this yet.

2) Based on the karma teachings and recalling energy. I decided to go back to the begining of my memory to try to recall everything that I have done and recall those energy left there. At the same time, dissolve karma with everyone that I have met in this lifetime. So what I did was enter a meditative state, ground, golden sun energy replenishment. After this, I would sit quietly for a few moments and ask my spirit to show me all the scenes where I left memory in the year X. Beginning with my childhood around 4-5 years old. I get images of people and things that I have done.

For people I always say, whatever hurt that we have caused each other lets forgive each other. Then imagine the karmic rose and start draining it. Then ask that all the energy that I have invested to it return to my golden sun, let all the negativity be burned in clean energy. Once in a while, I let the sun’s energy return to me. Whats interesting is that I found that it wasn’t people that seemed to have lots of my energy. I found that it is decisions that I made that seemed to have the greatest energy being stored. Especially those that seemed to may have affected my whole life. When released there was a wave of energy returning, which although directed at the sun, I could feel the wake of energy on my face and body as it moved back to the sun.


First Meditation Class

Feb 6th, 2002 – First Meditation Class

This class was held at the Mountain View branch of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I arrived at about 7.15pm for my first meditation class.Many people were gathered and sitting in a circle and the advance students and teachers were performing healings for the various people seated. After paying for the class $150 for 6 weeks. I too joined in and received a healing. After everyone has arrived, the group was broken up into different classes, one for Meditation I, Healing I and Male I (I think these were the classes on that night. Soon our teacher introduced him self (Jeff) and he gave an introduction to who he is (new director for Mountain View), what the organisation was like. How the classes are conducted, what was expected and so on.
Soon he started on the basic tool, Grounding. He explained it as one of the most often used tool because it helps you center yourself, removes other peoples energy and there were more advance uses which will be taught in another class. We began by closing our eyes and Jeff started to ask us to visualize that we are sitting on a tree trunk with the roots reaching all the way to the center of the earth. After a pause, he asked us to visualize unwanted energy being drawn down this trunk and into the earth. Starting from the feet and moving up towards the head. When it was over he asked us to describe the experience. As each person spoke on his/her experience, Jeff commented on each of us. Basically, each of us will have their own visual image, it doesn’t matter what it is because each of us are at a different stage of development so we would see different things. Sometimes, a person simply doesn’t see anything in the beginning, this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening, it just that the spirit is not ready to show you what is happening.
There were some announcements and we all repeated the process once again and some of the people had different comments or saw different things. Most of us had an headache or a dull pain in the forehead between the eyes. This apparently was like an unused muscle stretching after a long period of being still. After the class was almost over, we had an experiment to show that being grounded makes you more stable physically and sometimes it can be used to make things work (like cars).

So here are some observations of mine during the week when I was practicing it.
1) You can avoid the head pain. What I found was that when you try to bring your mind to the center of the head, your eyes tend to follow. That creates an unnatural strain because its trying to look into your head. You can avoid this, by simply telling yourself to disassociate the eyes from your mind and that your mind can see on its own without the help of the eyes. This takes a bit of practice but afterwards, you will find that you can look from your mind without your eyes following.

2) Grounding sometimes makes you less noticeable. I tried it at a restaurant waiting area. Those that saw me sit down reacted normally because they know I was there. Those that came later didn’t react to my presence until I spoke and these are my office colleagues. Need more experiments to figure this one out.

3) After a period of focusing the mind, I found that the mind can exist at a single point. There was a period when I found my mind was literally inside my skull. Like I was in cave and it was made out of my skull. There was an interesting experience.

4) Once you have reached that Point Mind mode. I felt that I was no longer a physical being but a spiritual being. Which could be projected out at will. I tried to leave but I think there was some fear that was preventing my to totally trip out. I think some protection elements are missing. 

Bekeley’s Psychic Institute – Part 3

Feb 2nd, 2002 – Evening
First Trans-channeling experience

There was a Trans-channeling and healing session with a theme Forgiveness. I decided to attend this because I wanted to see psychics channel spirits to conduct healing sessions. When I arrived, there is a registration process and I randomly chose a seat. There was a group about 12-14 channelers and a few controllers who were guiding and helping the channelers. Soon after the crowd settled down. The director spoke about the nights events and introduced the psychics. Then he asked them to begin to bring in the spirits. As each one came in he asked them to introduce themselves and what each of them was here for. Some said they were here to help physical healing, some about agreements between you and other beings (living or dead), some about other beings in your spiritual space and how to get them out. Some about the beings that you have agreements and how to resolve them.
That group split into 2 groups front and back of the rooms. The back row would give personal healings. The front row would answer various questions pertainig to healing hurts, physical, psychological and psychic types. This was interesting as people started asking questions and these spirits would either negotiate on that person behalf or teach them how to resolve it themselves.

So now it comes to my part. I raised my hand and the director invited me to ask my questions. It was required to speak my name and count to ten so that the spirits can find me. So I did that and started to describe my experience on the 27Jan(below). Before I could finish the director pulled up a chair much to the surprise of everyone and and put it with the row of psychics and asked me to sit and listen to the controllers instructions. The controllers told me not to do grounding and match the colours of the other crown chakras which was white.

I visualised a burning white flame on top of my head. Apparently the other spirits in the row thought that I was doing it correctly and started to complement me. After a while, the crowd noise and the speaking began to receed and became like background white noise. I called on that entity that was my spirit guide and she appeared in my mind. I asked her who and why she was here. I started to get images of her life and looks like she could have been my mother. She lived during the time of the civil war in US where there was black slavery. After a while,I became aware of the crowd again and was wondering about what was happening. At this time, it was almost the end of the session and the directory asked everyone to thank the spirits and asked the psychics to come back. So the session ended and the trans-channelers were surprised that I could do it so well. When I told them that I had only begun to do the meditations they were even more surprised.