The Aweshield Paladin

Race & Abilities 
Angelkin Aasimar (+2 Str, +2 Cha)
Lawful Good

STR: 19 (add 1 at level 4)
DEX: 15
CON: 12 
INT: 10
WIS: 8 (You take a hit here, but will not matter)
CHA: 16 (add 4 : level 8,12,16,20)

18 Paladin – 2 Fighter

Levels & Feats 
1st Paladin: Two Weapon Fighting
3rd Paladin: Double Slice 
5th Paladin: Shield Bash
7th Paladin: Shield Wall or Toughness (depend if you will team tank shields or not)
9th Paladin: Critical Focus
10th Fighter : Wings 
11th Fighter : Shield Master 
11th Fighter : Bashing Finish
13th Paladin: Staggering Critical
15th Paladin: Optional 
17th Paladin: Shield Focus or Optional (change as you need)
19th Paladin: Armor Focus (Heavy) or Metamagic (maximize spell) or Optional

I put all in Knowledge World and Persuasion. For a Diplomatic Cook.

Start using dual weapons (light weapon in off-hand) until level 5, then you start Shield Bashing and the real tanking begins. At level 11 the DPS become real good, then at level 13 become a “Professional Anesthetist”. Make sure to have Keen at all time. 

Monster Tactician

Race & Abilities
Human (+2 str)
Neutral Good
Full Inquisitor Monster Tactician
Deity: Erastil
Domain: Animal

STR:16 (+2 human) 18
DEX: 13
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 15
CHA: 7

Ability Increases from Level: First into Wis, rest into Strength

Levels & Feats
1st Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Human bonus: Spell Focus: Conjuration, Augment Summoning
2nd Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Inquisitor granted feat: Cunning Initiative
3rd Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Superior Summoning, Inquisitor granted feat: Solo Tactics, Teamwork feat: Precise Strike
4th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Animal Companion: Leopard
5th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Boon Companion, Inquisitor granted feat: Bane, Inquisitor granted feat: Summon Tactics
6th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Teamwork feat: Outflank
7th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Improved Unarmed Strike (feat tax)
8th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician):
9th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Combat Reflexes, Teamwork feat: Seize the Moment
10th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician):
11th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Improved Critical, Inquisitor granted feat: Stalwart
12th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Teamwork feat: Shake it off
13th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Crane Style
14th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician):
15th Inquisitor (Monster Tactician): Power attack, Teamwork feat: Coordinated Maneuvers

Explanation of Build
The focus on this build is spamming monsters at things and then follow in to melee. Loading up on buffs to cast on yourself, the party and the 3 pets.

It starts out with a 1 minute duration summoned dog, making the intro a breeze. By having Superior Summoning at level 3, means you get 1d3+1 as soon as possible making for a lot of meat shields for your party.
Any damage directed at the monsters is damage not directed towards you. It’s free real estate. Or in this case stat damage and health you don’t need to worry about.
From level 4 you can cast this 6 times a day and since it is 1 minute per level, you should only be missing monsters when something kills them.
Try to aim for the 1d3 summon for efficiency.

At level 5 you’re taking Boon Companion because animal domain gets the same penalty as rangers, gotta get this to get it up in level, the pet is level 2 when you get it at 4
With the summon Tactics at level 5 all of your monsters will suddenly mostly do 1d6 extra damage to things and at 6 outflank turns everyone with the feat into murder machines.

At 7 you’re picking up a feat tax, this is needed for Crane Style which turns defensive fighting from -4 tohit +3 AC to -2 tohit +4 AC

At 9 you’re picking up Combat Reflexes this is needed for Seize the Moment, which should stack with Outflank, potentially making an amazing chain of Attack of Opportunity against hard targets like trolls and the like.

At 11 we finally have the BAB for Improved Critical

Coordinated Maneuvers and Shake it off are interchangeable. Both are taken as it’s the last two good ones. I went for shake it off first.
The ones Coordinated Maneuvers would really have helped would have been wolf summons to help on the trip, the problem is that 12 is the last level you get to summon them.

The PFSRD for Axiomite and Bogeymen seems like neither would be using Combat Maneuvers. So grabbing the feat is mostly to help my Valerie and Amiri to trip things.
Since you are having summoned monsters everywhere, it pays off to have the teamwork feats on other melee characters.

/edit I had considered getting Coordinated at 3 instead of the extra 1d6, but the Smilodon from Amiri does 5d6 extra damage per round due to it, not to mention the extra 1d6 on anything else in melee save for the two Leopards. Making it win over the extra 2 DC on the trip from wolves.

As for the rest of the party, I wanted as many story characters as I could fit, I decided against the two provided clerics and hired one instead.

The full party I am running is this:
Monster Tactician

Cleric with Community Domain and Animal domain (Community domain gets 3+wis mod per day CLW with no maximum on +1 per caster level that also cures fatigue/shaken/sickened, which is great for reducing the amount of resting you do) The ward at level 8 is great for the overtuned story fights.

Valerie as full Tower shield specialist
Amiri multiclassed into (eventually 19)Sacred Huntsman
Linzi multiclassed into (eventually 19)Vivisectionist
Octavia with 1 rogue, Accomplished sneak attacker + wizard until arcane trickster opened up.

Valerie and Amiri follows the Teamwork feat progression of the Monster Hunter.

This gives me for frontline:
1d3+1 monsters with teamwork feats (Wolves if possible for trip)
1 Smilodon with teamwork feats
2 Leopards from the tactician and cleric for trip

PC Monster tactician + Valerie for extra tanking (usually charges casters with Exp Retreat for super charge range)

Amiri with enlarge person for extra reach following the pets around

Linzi and Octavia pew pewing with sneak attacks. Linzi with super tohit due to mutagens and crazy amount of feats from Vivisectionist. Octavia with ranged touch attacks.

Alchemists can buffs others with what is normally self only spells. So Linzi provides Shield for the pets and Exp Retreat to Valerie

Giving the 3 pets very good damage and AC with the amount of buffs Cleric + Alchemist spells can put out.

Ray Specialist

Best dmg dealer 1 vivi /1 Rogue / 4 Eldritch Archer / 10 Arcane trickster / 4 dragon disciple with composite bow. ( +4 str from mutegen, +4 str disciple + starting str bonus )


Max Dex: Max Chr

Has access to 24 scorching rays daily to imbue the bow.

Scorching ray : You blast your enemies with fiery rays. You may fire one ray, plus one additional ray for every four levels beyond 3rd (to a maximum of three rays at 11th level). Each ray requires a ranged touch attack to hit and deals 4d6 points of fire damage.

and 5 Hellfire ray daily.

Hellfire ray : A blast of hellfire blazes from your hands. You can fire one ray, plus one additional ray for every 4 caster levels beyond 11th (to a maximum of three rays at 19th level). Each ray requires a ranged touch attack to hit and deals 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 15d6)

Each spell fires 3 rays as a free attack from your weapon, each ray applies a 10d6 sneak attack and with a hellfire ray it further splits each ray into two damage types both of which also get a sneak attack.

It is a stupidly broken build.

You can also try the pure caster version with a sorc.

1 vivi / 1 Rogue / 10 Arcane Trickster / 8 Sorc
You lose the extra bow attack + sneak dmg per round but you get more spells per day.

No build unless utilizing sneak attacks and those 2 spells can do half the dmg of these builds.

Power of DOOM

For Sheer Power of DOOM:  It achieve so much hit and damage bonus without EXTERNAL buffs)

Fighter 5/Inquisitor 15 (Community Domain)

End Stats:
Str 22(28 +6 item)
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 16(22 +6 item)
Cha 7

Start fighter 1, go inquisitor 15, finish to fighter 5

Items: +5 full plate, +5 amulet of natural armor, +5 ring of protection, +5 cloak of resistance, any +5 weapon you want, +6 belt of str, +6 headband of wis, gloves of dueling

1st: Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Armor Focus: Heavy
3rd: Crane Style
4th: Precise Strikes
5th: Power Attack
7th: Outflank + Crane Wing
9th: Combat Reflexes
10th: Seize the Momment
11th: Crane Riposte
13th: Improved Critical (your favored weapon, you should have one by now) + Shake it off
15th: Weapon Focus (your favored weapon)
16th: Any teamwork you want
17th: Critical Focus + Staggering Critical
19th: Weapon Specialization (your favored weapon) + anything, maybe toughness
20th: Weapon Training in your favored weapon

Buffs(only the ones YOU can cast, not considering outside buff): Greater Heroism, Divine Power, Righteous Might, Sacred Hearth(Community domain power), Judgment (Damage + anything you want, probably plus saves), Greater Bane Weapon

Total to hit: +20 Bab, +5 Divine Power, +11 Str, +4 Heroism, +6 Sacred, -1 Size, -6 Power Attack, +1 Weapon Focus, +5 Weapon, +3 Weapon Training, -1 Crane Riposte, +2 Bane = +49(+53 flanking), for total +49/49/44/39/34 attack routine

Total plus damage(not counting base weapon damage plus extra dices for flaming weapon or similar): +5 Weapon, +5 Divine Power, +16 Strength, +18 Power Attack, +6 Judgment, +2 Weapon Specialization, +3 Weapon Training, +2 Bane = +57 +4d6 from greater bane(14 damage average) (weapon is 1 size greater due to righteous might… realistic we are talking like 90-100 damage per hit)

Total AC: 10 +14 Armor, +1 Armor Focus, +1 Dodge, +4 Crane Style, +4 Crane Wing, +2 Dex, +5 Deflection, +5 Natural Armor, +6 Sacred, -1 Size = 51 AC with DR 15/Evil

If you flank you only miss on “1” all attacks against AC 40 or less, get TWO attacks of opportunity every time someone on your team crits and do around 100 damage per hit.

Unfortunally both Sacread Heart and Divine Power are bugged and giving no bonuses at the momment.