Bekeley’s Psychic Institute – Part 3

Feb 2nd, 2002 – Evening
First Trans-channeling experience

There was a Trans-channeling and healing session with a theme Forgiveness. I decided to attend this because I wanted to see psychics channel spirits to conduct healing sessions. When I arrived, there is a registration process and I randomly chose a seat. There was a group about 12-14 channelers and a few controllers who were guiding and helping the channelers. Soon after the crowd settled down. The director spoke about the nights events and introduced the psychics. Then he asked them to begin to bring in the spirits. As each one came in he asked them to introduce themselves and what each of them was here for. Some said they were here to help physical healing, some about agreements between you and other beings (living or dead), some about other beings in your spiritual space and how to get them out. Some about the beings that you have agreements and how to resolve them.
That group split into 2 groups front and back of the rooms. The back row would give personal healings. The front row would answer various questions pertainig to healing hurts, physical, psychological and psychic types. This was interesting as people started asking questions and these spirits would either negotiate on that person behalf or teach them how to resolve it themselves.

So now it comes to my part. I raised my hand and the director invited me to ask my questions. It was required to speak my name and count to ten so that the spirits can find me. So I did that and started to describe my experience on the 27Jan(below). Before I could finish the director pulled up a chair much to the surprise of everyone and and put it with the row of psychics and asked me to sit and listen to the controllers instructions. The controllers told me not to do grounding and match the colours of the other crown chakras which was white.

I visualised a burning white flame on top of my head. Apparently the other spirits in the row thought that I was doing it correctly and started to complement me. After a while, the crowd noise and the speaking began to receed and became like background white noise. I called on that entity that was my spirit guide and she appeared in my mind. I asked her who and why she was here. I started to get images of her life and looks like she could have been my mother. She lived during the time of the civil war in US where there was black slavery. After a while,I became aware of the crowd again and was wondering about what was happening. At this time, it was almost the end of the session and the directory asked everyone to thank the spirits and asked the psychics to come back. So the session ended and the trans-channelers were surprised that I could do it so well. When I told them that I had only begun to do the meditations they were even more surprised.