Bekeley’s Psychic Institute – Part 2

Jan 22nd, 2002
First Aura vision

Susan Bostwick (wife of founder of Bekeley’s Psychic Institute) was giving a free lecture on “You maybe be psychic, not crazy”. It was basically the history of the institute and she was giving some examples of people who experience their own psychic abilities and because others don’t believe they get scoldings, put downs and sometimes it scars them for a long time. She was talking about a women who was at a class and it was about seeing auras but she kept saying to her self that she wanted to see spirits. Suddenly she saw auras but dismissed it because it was not what she wanted to see. Anyway, I said to myself, “I want to see Auras” set back and waited expectantly. I was looking slightly above Susan Bostwick head suddenly, the wall behind her seemed to move back (like a wide angle lens effect) and it began to become very very dark. Then her head began to glow white and a couple of feet around her was a red colored shell. I got excited “is that the aura? is that the aura?” then just as suddenly as it happened the image faded back to normal.


Jan 27th,2002

First encounter with psychic healing and my spirit guide
This description is going to be full of psychic terms, you would understand easier if you listen to the tapes above.
I started my meditation practice by listening to the hemi-sync CDs to help move into a proper mental state faster. I did the standard grounding, running of earth and cosmic energies, energy recalling and golden sun healings. Now I did something not in those tapes. I started to put grounded sentries in front of my chakras starting from the lowest and moving upwards. Suddenly I became aware that my body was trembling, bouncing up and down on the sofa I was sitting on.This continued for a short while even after I reached my crown (7th chakra).
Then all became quite.. My eyes were closed but I became aware of a movement in front of my eyes. With my eyes still closed, I said hello to that presence and an image of a black women appeared in my mind. She was wearing a dress of grayish material and white apron. I asked her if she was my spirit guide, she just smiled. Then I asked her if she would help me realign and heal my chakras. Again she smiled, this time I could see her hands move towards me and moved them over my chakras. My body started to tremble again although not as strong as the first time. Then I thanked her and came out of the meditation. The next day I felt much more energetic which was great.

Feb 2nd, 2002 Early Afternoon

Invited to co-sit at someone else’s reading.
I went over to the Berkeley Psychic Institute (Mountain View Branch) to register for a meditation I class I happened to meet Kim who was the director of that branch. I started to ask her about the encounters that I had (as show below) but she was interrupted by the incoming visitors (it was another Fair type event. So while waiting I started to practice meditation, she suddenly pulled me into one of the psychic reading rooms and asked me to sit with an instructor (she pull a student to let me sit in). He asked me to follow his directions and the lady who wanted the readings sat down.

She wanted to know how her son died and I got an impression of sudden death like a car accident. (I didn’t say anything) The instructor told her that the death was sudden, one minute he wa alive and the next he was dead. She said he was on a boat when he died and wanted to know how (as no-one could find out). I got the impression of something hitting him and fell overboard but was unconscious before he hit the water. The instructor told her because this could be a dangerous thing for him to answer because the police could go after him. He did say that the son had the impression that someone snuck up behind him and hit him. The women asked who was on board, I got 2 faces one with a small beard and one clean shaven. The instructor also said so. And this went on for a while. He could see the feelings and thoughts of the son, I only picked up a few images. After it was over, and she had left, he asked me about my experience, as I was telling him, Kim came over and excited told him all I did was listen to the Med 1 tapes a couple of weeks ago, he had an expression of surprise then envy (like damm how could he improve so fast). I thanked Kim and that instructor for that experience and when back to the office.. I was testing some stuff in the office).