Berkeley’s Psychic Institute – Part 1

Jan 5th, 2002
Here is a description of my experience at Berkeley’s Psychic Institute.

Just to tell you of the experience of visiting a psychic fair. Some background. The Berkeley’s Psychic Institute was founded in 1973 so the organize fairs once in a while in the 4 branches they have over California. They provide courses on various spiritual developments and even have a 2 year course on becoming more psychic.

So last sat and sun was a fair in Berkeley. Find parking was a problem in Berkeley (that’s another matter : ) … anyway.. there were balloons here and there.. it was in a building, not a open ground fair. The fair area was split into 2 halves. One was dealing with the more traditional stuff things like tarot cards, palm readings etc. The other have (bigger) was dealing with the mental psychic powers. I wasn’t all that interested in the traditional stuff. I went for a quick look a round. So I decided to get a some coupons for some readings($10 per reading or $25 for 3..all 15 minute readings) and a Aura photograph.

So now to the readings. Now in order to have some sort of scientific study, I decided to ask 3 different psychics the same question. Which was, “I have been having these dreams during most of my teen years until now, which featured a girl which is always prominent in them and no matter what the story line is, the ending is always the 2 of us holding hands going off happily”. Back ground info for you, is that the story lines tend to be mostly adventure, or escaping bad guys.. something like the TV series McGuyver if you remember.

Now the summary (they said a lot of things but I’ll put in the interesting parts.. Interesting to me I mean. The amazing thing was that all 3 had this first image, meaning they talked about this before anything else. The image of this god like being that occupies half of my spiritual space. According to them its like almost exactly half of my aura. This being seems nurturing, providing healing, comfort, support, wealth. (wealth hehehe yeah right.. enough I suppose not rich :p )

Further investigation by them, seems to be that this being came to me in my past life, I seemed to be in india some place (as they see saris and that sort of attire during those times) and this being appeared as a beautiful statuesque women and sort of enveloped me. Apparently, they say this being has been with me for a very long time. The other thing was that my spirit seems to want to break this attachment to grow but this being seems not to want to let go. (I guess like a mother?)

They got the impression my by spirit shouting into a stethoscope with the ear plugged into my physical being. Shouting at my body get my butt moving to improve my own spirituality. : ) They laughed when they saw this image. One of them also saw (I think he was a teacher because he had students and was correcting what they were doing as I was being read) that I had a red rose in front of my third eye. That he says that I have some strong clairvoyance capability but for some reason didn’t validate it or know what to do with it. He also said that there was some sort of blockage that looks like a lock in front of my 5 chakra which means that was some sort of blockage to my creativity and expressing myself to others. Which is sort of true 🙂 I used to stutter over words although that hardly happens now but then not many people listen to my opinions anyway.

Then after this, they started to investigate my question, it appears that this person in my dreams is real and is from a past life with some sort of an agreement. The link is so strong that if I meet that person, I will know who she is. They got an image of me in some sort of class room learning some craft with my hands and that is when I’ll meet her. Hmm does that explain why suddenly early last year I got the impression to start drawing?
At then end, to me I think it was to reassure me of what they were saying, they mentioned several parts of my earlier childhood , teen years, of what I went through, and some specific events. Which was pretty accurate.