First Meditation Class

Feb 6th, 2002 – First Meditation Class

This class was held at the Mountain View branch of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I arrived at about 7.15pm for my first meditation class.Many people were gathered and sitting in a circle and the advance students and teachers were performing healings for the various people seated. After paying for the class $150 for 6 weeks. I too joined in and received a healing. After everyone has arrived, the group was broken up into different classes, one for Meditation I, Healing I and Male I (I think these were the classes on that night. Soon our teacher introduced him self (Jeff) and he gave an introduction to who he is (new director for Mountain View), what the organisation was like. How the classes are conducted, what was expected and so on.
Soon he started on the basic tool, Grounding. He explained it as one of the most often used tool because it helps you center yourself, removes other peoples energy and there were more advance uses which will be taught in another class. We began by closing our eyes and Jeff started to ask us to visualize that we are sitting on a tree trunk with the roots reaching all the way to the center of the earth. After a pause, he asked us to visualize unwanted energy being drawn down this trunk and into the earth. Starting from the feet and moving up towards the head. When it was over he asked us to describe the experience. As each person spoke on his/her experience, Jeff commented on each of us. Basically, each of us will have their own visual image, it doesn’t matter what it is because each of us are at a different stage of development so we would see different things. Sometimes, a person simply doesn’t see anything in the beginning, this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening, it just that the spirit is not ready to show you what is happening.
There were some announcements and we all repeated the process once again and some of the people had different comments or saw different things. Most of us had an headache or a dull pain in the forehead between the eyes. This apparently was like an unused muscle stretching after a long period of being still. After the class was almost over, we had an experiment to show that being grounded makes you more stable physically and sometimes it can be used to make things work (like cars).

So here are some observations of mine during the week when I was practicing it.
1) You can avoid the head pain. What I found was that when you try to bring your mind to the center of the head, your eyes tend to follow. That creates an unnatural strain because its trying to look into your head. You can avoid this, by simply telling yourself to disassociate the eyes from your mind and that your mind can see on its own without the help of the eyes. This takes a bit of practice but afterwards, you will find that you can look from your mind without your eyes following.

2) Grounding sometimes makes you less noticeable. I tried it at a restaurant waiting area. Those that saw me sit down reacted normally because they know I was there. Those that came later didn’t react to my presence until I spoke and these are my office colleagues. Need more experiments to figure this one out.

3) After a period of focusing the mind, I found that the mind can exist at a single point. There was a period when I found my mind was literally inside my skull. Like I was in cave and it was made out of my skull. There was an interesting experience.

4) Once you have reached that Point Mind mode. I felt that I was no longer a physical being but a spiritual being. Which could be projected out at will. I tried to leave but I think there was some fear that was preventing my to totally trip out. I think some protection elements are missing.