Second Meditation Class

Feb 13, 2002 – Second Meditation Class

In this class, as usual the clairvoyant students did some psychic healing. Once everyone has arrived, we split into groups and the class began proper. We started with us describing our observations during our practice during the week. After which we proceeded to learn the Golden Sun method for recalling our own energy and refueling ourselves. The method is to visualise a bright burning sun about 6 feet above us.

Now will that the sun start recalling all the energy that we have left behind. Like those we left in our work place, from people who we met, anywhere that our mind has focused on. Visualise the energy returning and after a while release the energy and let it fall onto our bodies and let the golden light fill up every cell of our bodies. This was very interesting as many of us found ourselves much more refreshed after this.

Karma was defined as an exchange of energy with a place or another being. This energy is what is holding ourselves back from progressing. To dissolve the karma, visualise a rose and let it represent the energies that both you and the place/being is being held. Ground it and let it drain out until its clear.

The next major thing we learned was that we can use grounding for just about anything. Just as we can leave energies in beings and places so can anyone else. Learning to ground your car helps you to remove these energies that you and others put into it. To do that visualise the car and create a grounding cord between the car and the earth. Now at this point, I’m embarrassed to admit.. I got bored. I turned my mind to look at the other students in the class. I saw shadows that represent the shape of the people and a glowing cord connection their spine to the center of the earth.

Whats even more amazing was that I saw the cars that they were visualising. I noticed that Grace who was sitting next to me had a low 2 seater sports and when I mentioned it later she said she had a Z3 and I was correct. I noticed other cars like a white Japanese car, green 4 wheel drive jeeps and so on. I’m bad at knowing car shapes so I can’t name models just the description of the types. 

The last thing we did that night was to demonstrate to ourselves what is like to have another person in our minds and what’s it like to be in someone else’s mind. This was interesting. To be in another mind, it feels strange and foreign. For someone to be in your mind, you feel an unwelcome pressure. 

Experience and observations before the next class:

1) I found sometimes when after ground, golden sun. I would sit silently for a while. I get flashes of a purple crystal forming in my head. It seems to be forming more facets. Don’t understand this yet.

2) Based on the karma teachings and recalling energy. I decided to go back to the begining of my memory to try to recall everything that I have done and recall those energy left there. At the same time, dissolve karma with everyone that I have met in this lifetime. So what I did was enter a meditative state, ground, golden sun energy replenishment. After this, I would sit quietly for a few moments and ask my spirit to show me all the scenes where I left memory in the year X. Beginning with my childhood around 4-5 years old. I get images of people and things that I have done.

For people I always say, whatever hurt that we have caused each other lets forgive each other. Then imagine the karmic rose and start draining it. Then ask that all the energy that I have invested to it return to my golden sun, let all the negativity be burned in clean energy. Once in a while, I let the sun’s energy return to me. Whats interesting is that I found that it wasn’t people that seemed to have lots of my energy. I found that it is decisions that I made that seemed to have the greatest energy being stored. Especially those that seemed to may have affected my whole life. When released there was a wave of energy returning, which although directed at the sun, I could feel the wake of energy on my face and body as it moved back to the sun.