Third Meditation Class

Feb 20, 2002 – Third Meditation Class

In this class we are thought how to run energy. We run Earth and Cosmic naturally, when we were young this happens automatically, when we get older, sometimes, it gets slow and clogged. One of the purpose of running energy is to clean out all the ‘dirt’ and all the energy to wash clean all our channels. This helps to clean out karma, misconceptions and other blocks which can cause pain.

The interesting thing about it is that is similar to the Taoist chi meditation in which a practitioner would move his chi in a circular orbit around his body. This I used to practice during my teen years.

This running of energy consists of 2 parts. The first part is to draw from the earth, earth energy to run up through the feet, to reach the 1st chakra and return down to the earth via the grounding cord. To do this, sit comfortably on a chair, place feet firmly on the ground. Imagine opening the feet chakra. The feet chakra is located somewhere in the middle of the feet. If you move your palm a few inches over soles, there is a spot that feels different. This is your feet chakra. Create a grounding cord, and imagine the earth energy flowing up your legs, mix a little in your 1st chakra and down your grounding cord. You will find there is a warm sensation running through your legs was this happens.

The second part is to run cosmic energy. Imagine opening your crown chakra and draw in the cosmic energy from the father est part of the universe. The crown chakra can be found also by running your hand over your head. There is a spot there that feels hot, that is your crown chakra. Visualize the energy coming through your crown chakra down your back, this splits into 4 channels from your neck until your 1st chakra. Now let the energy of the earth and cosmic energy mix a little. Now imagine the combined energy (90% cosmic 10% earth) come up through the middle of the body and through all the chakras. As it reaches the throat chakra, 1/3 will flow down the arms into your hand chakras and fountain out. The rest fill continue up through the crown chakra and fountain out. This energy will now wash through your aura and down through the grounding cord where the edge of the aura intersects the grounding cord.
The cosmic energy felt different for different people, although earth energy felt about the same. I wonder why. Some people felt that the cosmic energy was cooler and lighter. I felt it to be extremely hot. 

When I tried it weeks before this class. There was a sharp pain as if someone stabbed a needle into my throat. I stopped everything and I remembered that a psychic saying that I had like a chain, or some medallion covering my throat chakra with a lock on it. I then visualized my own hands reaching for the blockage and saying “Whatever this blockage is, I don’t need this anymore”. When I started to run energy this time, it flowed without any pain. Although the flow through my throat felt sluggish as if it was being used for the first time.

Nothing significant happened this time. The only unusual thing that happened was that one of the students whom I practiced the mind projection (as described below) ask if I was bored again. I asked her why, she said it was because she felt my mind again and it had a familiar presence.