Auras at the Airport

Mar 17, 2002 – Auras at the airport

I was that the airport on Sunday to pick up my CEO. I was waiting outside of the gate bored witless. Staring at a blank beige/white wall watching people leaving the gate. I started to run energy standing there. After a while I began to notice something strange. Why did everyone have this white spot just on top of their heads. Looking closer, I found that everyone had it and most of them seemed to have this grey cloud being emitted from them.

When they turn to the sides I noticed that the white spot is actually a cone of light emitting from the top of their heads. Don’t understand why when facing them directly I cannot see that. Which was fascinating. As I watched, I noticed that when people were walking out the gate, this cloud seems to extend a much greater distance. Once they have located their friends/family, it shrinks back to 1-2 feet around them. Some of them who didn’t expect anyone to meet them had this aura 1-2 feet around them. Cool!

April 11, 2002

Been too busy at work to update. Now that I am fly back to Singapore for a short break, and I am free while waiting for my departure time thought I’ll update this.
There are several things that has happened over the last 3 weeks. I’ve moved on from BPI to another teacher. He formerly taught at BPI for a long time and has left a year or two ago. I feel he is a lot easier to learn with because he answers just about any question that is brought up rather then deal say its taught in the next lesson.. Anyway lets get down to the stories.

Yesterday’s class. Part of the time as about finding out which emotions came from whom. Sometimes, its not your own emotions. This was real fun. Second part covered healing with electric blue which was a stabilizing energy. When I tried it on Grace, Tom told me to turn down my energy. Apparently, I was exerting a lot of healing energy and I was suppose to shut it down 80%. A small amount goes a long way says Tom. So now, I have to learn not to exert healing energy and probably any energy too much.
I was at the airport again. This time I had been told that I had my chakras too wide open and its receiving too much input. So I was taught to close down or reduce the lower 3 chakras so that I would have clearer vision. So this time at the airport, I stood facing the arrival gate and started to run energy an ground myself. Yes I could see the shadows around people and the spot of light around the crown.

Ok That was fine, lets experiment, I stop grounding and running energy, and imagined my lower 3 chakras closing down to 10% of max. Hey I can see the auras again. This is good. Lets experiment so more. This time, I started running the energy, grounding and kept the chakras at 10%. Wow, much clearer shadows. much brighter crown lights. After watching for a time, I realised that the energy from each person is different. I could begin to discern that a person’s energy is very similiar to the immediate family. Lovers auras seem to different then merge when they get close.
Now I seem to have lots of spirits hanging around me. So one day I decided to try to remove some of them. So first thing I did was to tell my spirit to light up the ones which were beneficial to me. Second I ask those lighted up to leave. Seems now that I see much less lights floating around me. Next, I called forth those that are master healers. I created a truth and lie rose, and ask them are you a true healer.

Of those that replied and my rose did not change, I asked one of them to attach his hands to my hand chakras and ask him to heal my knee (which was aching) at that time. I suddenly felt my hands a little heavier then normal. I moved my hands over my knees but nothing seemed to happen.. Next I asked him to heal any pains in my body. This time when my hands moved over my body, I could see flashes of light around my body. This happened for a short while and I thanked him and asked him to detach from my chakras and my hands felt lighter immediately.

Sixth Meditation Class

Mar 13, 2002 – Sixth Meditation Class 

This class began with a reading on each of us about our havingness. We were told what sort of problems we are having with our havingness. Dale did one for me. He told me that there is a lot of family resistance to me having havingness. I told I agreed. This was mainly that my family was never really well off but we were comfortable. Everything had to be earned and nothing was free so to speak. So resistance for me was that the family has put a resistance that “No you are not that lucky, you have to very very hard to achieve anything” type of energy in my space. Dale was saying, I’m already working on removing that resistance which is good. 

The class then started proper by us telling our ‘growth’ period. Initially, I felt that I had none to report, but as I listened to the rest of the students, I realised that I had stopped enforcing my way on others and stopped healing each and everyone that I meet. This came to mind because that day, my female colleague that I felt put too much pressure on herself to achieve and that it created lots of dissatisfaction in her life. I wanted her to change that, but now I felt I didn’t need to change everyone and that they created this experience and they had to do their own resolving. Subconsciously I think she felt my pulling back and she was complaining over the week that “You don’t support me anymore”. I didn’t understand the impact until during the class.
Jeff also explained that the experience (that I described below) is a spirit-body communication. Its such that the body is telling the spirit what the problem is and how its affecting the body. So during my meditation, I was able to understand what is kept in my space for so long and with ‘destroying roses’ technique I have started to remove it. This was extremely interesting to me because it confirms what Carolyn Myss was talking about. Biography is biology. She preaches that what a person does energetically can affect the body both in good and bad terms. What a person thinks, does and what the society needs are, are reflected physically in the body. With this new found ability, learning what is causing discomfort physically can lead to understand my life(and past lives), my decisions and the society’s decisions can affect me and there is a way to repair it.

Jeff then taught us about mockups. Mockups to me(personally not Jeff’s words) are like Wish spells. I wish for xxx to happen to me. Unfortunately, sometimes these wishes goes astray or sometimes it goes right for someone else. Sometimes, it happens but in a general way that you don’t see it. For example, you may wish for money, then someone offers you a great job, few hours great pay. But to you your wish didn’t come true. But it DID! Unless you are extremely specific sometimes it comes to you in ways you don’t expect it. On the other hand, being too specific limits the way in which it can arrive to you.

Basic way of creating a mockup.
1. Create the image of what you want, as specific or as general a you deem fit.
2. Put this image into a rose and ground it. Let all your and other people’s energy drain from it.
3. Put up a gauge that represents the ability to have this image. Ground it, let all the resistance to having it drain down the grounding cord. Now push the gauge to 100%. Let it become fixed like putting glue, put it into a notch or some other image.
4. Put up another gauge, this one represents your confidence if it appearing to you. Again ground it and push it 100% and fix it.
5. Now put the image, the 2 gauges into a rose.
6. Now create a golden sun of NEUTRAL energy. Let this energy fill this rose and washout all other energy down the grounding cord.
7. Now release it out into the world/heaven. This important if you cannot let go of it that means you still have resistance to having it or you still have your own or other people’s energy. So repeat the steps until you can release it. By releasing, its allowed to go out to get the item for you.

Now, ideally try not to create conflicting mockups. Like making a mockup to travel then making another mockup to stay put. Or something like that. Note that if you create mockups that affect other people, they have a conscious choice to say yes or no, this is because they have their own paths to follow and it may or may not coincide with what you want.


Fifth Meditation Class

Mar 06, 2002 – Fifth Meditation class

This class covers 2 basic things. Detecting lies and “havingness”. Detecting lies was straight forward. Ground yourself, put up a protection rose to absorb /defect energies directed at you. Put up a second grounded rose, this time will this rose to react to lies being directed at you. The idea case is that when lies are directed against you, it will react in some way. Change color, fall apart, move .. just about anything instead of remaining the way it was. During the class Jeff was saying many lies and we were asked to determine if it was a lie. This worked fairly well but requires practice. 

The second session was about having-ness. This is basically your ability to have something. In most cases, we have have been brought up in a situation where we are always told what we can have and what we cannot have or what is not due to us. To increase your own personal havingness is to visualize a gauge for any particular thing. For example, a gauge for being in love, for having money. Let the position of the gauge to represent the amount of havingness for that item. Now create a grounding cord from the upper portion, (eg, if you see 60%, put a grounding cord in the balance 40%). Let the grounding cord drain out all the resistance from having it. Now put it in to your gold sun and imagine recalling all the energy that is required to achieve that 100% and more. Then let that energy fall into you filling up your every cell.
Mar 12, 2002 – Experience Updates
My experiences seem to be getting stranger. I’ve seen those white/blue orbs again. This time one of them gave me an image of a Japanese lady in a kimono sitting in a large building. Her lips move and I hear her saying she’s was my mother once. The next odd thing, is that I can now look at my body and see energy flows. Usually, when I started meditation, I have to imagine the energy flow, now I feel that I see it, I don’t have to imagine it anymore (except maybe to start the movement process). I’ve found various regions where ache appears as red glows. I found one in my chest, that seems to be having aches for a while. So I flipped it over and immediately I got an image of me not crying during my fathers funeral. It had a guilty type of feeling over it. So I put this glow in to a rose and blew it up. A couple of days later, that ache disappears for a while but comes back. I guess its too strong to let go of it easily.

Fourth Meditation Class

Feb 27, 2002 – Forth Meditation Class

We began with a mini-reading of each of us so that we know what we are doing and how we are progressing. I think we didn’t really understand what was being said during this reading. After this each of us told us about our experiences during the week. I told him (Jeff) of my experience in that temple in Thailand.. he goes yep you are recovering energy left over from there.. Hey look your teacher is still hovering over to your left, I think he believes you to be his best pupil, but I doubt you can get much from him now, as he has not had a body for a long time.

The next odd thing that happened was that I was watching a movie (Practical Magic) on TV. At a few minutes after 10pm, I felt a hand touch my chest, I was lying on the couch at that time, my eyes flicked upwards and I saw the smiling face of Grace (one of students in the class), then the image vanished. I ignored it and went back to watching the program. 15 minutes later, I checked my email and her first email to me arrived and the date/time stamp ws 10.02pm. I asked her about it and she said she composed the email earlier but the mail got stuck in the outbox. So when she arrived back hope she clicked the send button again at just after 10.

I asked Jeff about this, he was a little surprised that this happened and asked if we had know each other before this class. I told him this was the first time I met her in class. He then asked me if I felt any feelings towards her when I met her. I said I think we felt friendly to each other from the beginning. He then had his famous “far away” look when his reading energies, he bent down his head had a mischievous grin and changed topic. This is irritating.. what on earth did he see! I told Grace and she also very curious too.

Now back to the class proper. For some reason he asked us to take a field trip, which in fact is a projection of mind/spirit to another place. I think he wants us to understand that we have done this before on our own many times and we can consciously do it at will.

Finally he thought us the main lesson for the night which was protection roses. The basic idea is to create a rose and let it vibrate with the same energy as you. Ground this rose. Now when energies are directed at you, happiness, sadness, anger, joy, money or anything else. This rose would intercept this energy and you can become detached from the other person. We then did some experiments by pairing up and and telling stories to each other. We listen to the stories with and without the roses.

The experience was that when we listen to the stories we get caught up with the story and feel that we have to react to it. With the rose, we no longer react to the emotional energy from that other person and can listen without getting caught up with the story. Surprising thing is that the story tellers felt that they too aren’t as emotional about it and some realize that the situation is something for them to learn and they have to take responsibility for themselves.

Apparently, the rose works both ways, it prevents other people’s energy from entering your space and allows them to experience this totally for themselves and it also prevents your emotions from entering their space.

Mar 04, 2002 – Experience Update
Tonight as I was mediating and running energy. I started to practice things not taught in this class. These are recognizing and removing of energy from family members and cleaning of chakras. To recognize other people’s energy in your space is fairly simple. Begin with creating a rose then draw a person’s energy from your aura, example for father or mother. Move it to one side. Create a second rose of your energy and compare the difference in the roses. When you have finished doing that. Let the rose of the other person’s energy suck out their energy from your body. Then explode it with the intention of it returning to them. You can repeat this with all kinds of energy. The cleaning of chakras is also fairly simply, for the 3 lower chakras use earth energy for the upper 4 chakras use cosmic energy. Gently use this energy to slowly wipe off any perceived dirt that is clouding the chakras.

The last thing I did was to discover the “God of my Heart” this is to increase the ability to talk my higher self. I won’t describe the procedure here as its a long process.
After doing all of these processes, I settled down to simply running of earth and cosmic energy.

I suddenly decided I want to see my own aura. In my mind a plasma cloud seem to envelope my body. If you have seen StarTrek you will understand what I mean by plasma clouds. It had blues greens with some orange and reds here and there. With this active I decide to do some creating and destroying or roses. Interesting was I can see other images light up as pin points of light in my aura and body. When i try to blow up roses with pictures, I find that there are tiny pin points of lights in the aura and my body, I guess these are similar pictures with the one I am blowing up. What I do then is create another rose and let the pinpoints of light migrate to this rose before I blow it up.
Last exciting thing was that as I was looking at the different areas of the plasma around me. I noticed several balls.. well not balls but more like ovals that was white in the center with a blue glow. There were easily 6-8 of them around. As I stretched out my psychic hand and touched some of them. Some of them created images of different people from different countries. Some nothing happened. There was a Japanese women, some south east asia oriental man, some rough looking Hispanic and a couple of others.As I was observing them, I saw another orb zoom past me and I said hello to it. It sort of made a U-turn and flew in front of my face, pause a while and flew off.