Sixth Meditation Class

Mar 13, 2002 – Sixth Meditation Class 

This class began with a reading on each of us about our havingness. We were told what sort of problems we are having with our havingness. Dale did one for me. He told me that there is a lot of family resistance to me having havingness. I told I agreed. This was mainly that my family was never really well off but we were comfortable. Everything had to be earned and nothing was free so to speak. So resistance for me was that the family has put a resistance that “No you are not that lucky, you have to very very hard to achieve anything” type of energy in my space. Dale was saying, I’m already working on removing that resistance which is good. 

The class then started proper by us telling our ‘growth’ period. Initially, I felt that I had none to report, but as I listened to the rest of the students, I realised that I had stopped enforcing my way on others and stopped healing each and everyone that I meet. This came to mind because that day, my female colleague that I felt put too much pressure on herself to achieve and that it created lots of dissatisfaction in her life. I wanted her to change that, but now I felt I didn’t need to change everyone and that they created this experience and they had to do their own resolving. Subconsciously I think she felt my pulling back and she was complaining over the week that “You don’t support me anymore”. I didn’t understand the impact until during the class.
Jeff also explained that the experience (that I described below) is a spirit-body communication. Its such that the body is telling the spirit what the problem is and how its affecting the body. So during my meditation, I was able to understand what is kept in my space for so long and with ‘destroying roses’ technique I have started to remove it. This was extremely interesting to me because it confirms what Carolyn Myss was talking about. Biography is biology. She preaches that what a person does energetically can affect the body both in good and bad terms. What a person thinks, does and what the society needs are, are reflected physically in the body. With this new found ability, learning what is causing discomfort physically can lead to understand my life(and past lives), my decisions and the society’s decisions can affect me and there is a way to repair it.

Jeff then taught us about mockups. Mockups to me(personally not Jeff’s words) are like Wish spells. I wish for xxx to happen to me. Unfortunately, sometimes these wishes goes astray or sometimes it goes right for someone else. Sometimes, it happens but in a general way that you don’t see it. For example, you may wish for money, then someone offers you a great job, few hours great pay. But to you your wish didn’t come true. But it DID! Unless you are extremely specific sometimes it comes to you in ways you don’t expect it. On the other hand, being too specific limits the way in which it can arrive to you.

Basic way of creating a mockup.
1. Create the image of what you want, as specific or as general a you deem fit.
2. Put this image into a rose and ground it. Let all your and other people’s energy drain from it.
3. Put up a gauge that represents the ability to have this image. Ground it, let all the resistance to having it drain down the grounding cord. Now push the gauge to 100%. Let it become fixed like putting glue, put it into a notch or some other image.
4. Put up another gauge, this one represents your confidence if it appearing to you. Again ground it and push it 100% and fix it.
5. Now put the image, the 2 gauges into a rose.
6. Now create a golden sun of NEUTRAL energy. Let this energy fill this rose and washout all other energy down the grounding cord.
7. Now release it out into the world/heaven. This important if you cannot let go of it that means you still have resistance to having it or you still have your own or other people’s energy. So repeat the steps until you can release it. By releasing, its allowed to go out to get the item for you.

Now, ideally try not to create conflicting mockups. Like making a mockup to travel then making another mockup to stay put. Or something like that. Note that if you create mockups that affect other people, they have a conscious choice to say yes or no, this is because they have their own paths to follow and it may or may not coincide with what you want.