Auras at the Airport

Mar 17, 2002 – Auras at the airport

I was that the airport on Sunday to pick up my CEO. I was waiting outside of the gate bored witless. Staring at a blank beige/white wall watching people leaving the gate. I started to run energy standing there. After a while I began to notice something strange. Why did everyone have this white spot just on top of their heads. Looking closer, I found that everyone had it and most of them seemed to have this grey cloud being emitted from them.

When they turn to the sides I noticed that the white spot is actually a cone of light emitting from the top of their heads. Don’t understand why when facing them directly I cannot see that. Which was fascinating. As I watched, I noticed that when people were walking out the gate, this cloud seems to extend a much greater distance. Once they have located their friends/family, it shrinks back to 1-2 feet around them. Some of them who didn’t expect anyone to meet them had this aura 1-2 feet around them. Cool!

April 11, 2002

Been too busy at work to update. Now that I am fly back to Singapore for a short break, and I am free while waiting for my departure time thought I’ll update this.
There are several things that has happened over the last 3 weeks. I’ve moved on from BPI to another teacher. He formerly taught at BPI for a long time and has left a year or two ago. I feel he is a lot easier to learn with because he answers just about any question that is brought up rather then deal say its taught in the next lesson.. Anyway lets get down to the stories.

Yesterday’s class. Part of the time as about finding out which emotions came from whom. Sometimes, its not your own emotions. This was real fun. Second part covered healing with electric blue which was a stabilizing energy. When I tried it on Grace, Tom told me to turn down my energy. Apparently, I was exerting a lot of healing energy and I was suppose to shut it down 80%. A small amount goes a long way says Tom. So now, I have to learn not to exert healing energy and probably any energy too much.
I was at the airport again. This time I had been told that I had my chakras too wide open and its receiving too much input. So I was taught to close down or reduce the lower 3 chakras so that I would have clearer vision. So this time at the airport, I stood facing the arrival gate and started to run energy an ground myself. Yes I could see the shadows around people and the spot of light around the crown.

Ok That was fine, lets experiment, I stop grounding and running energy, and imagined my lower 3 chakras closing down to 10% of max. Hey I can see the auras again. This is good. Lets experiment so more. This time, I started running the energy, grounding and kept the chakras at 10%. Wow, much clearer shadows. much brighter crown lights. After watching for a time, I realised that the energy from each person is different. I could begin to discern that a person’s energy is very similiar to the immediate family. Lovers auras seem to different then merge when they get close.
Now I seem to have lots of spirits hanging around me. So one day I decided to try to remove some of them. So first thing I did was to tell my spirit to light up the ones which were beneficial to me. Second I ask those lighted up to leave. Seems now that I see much less lights floating around me. Next, I called forth those that are master healers. I created a truth and lie rose, and ask them are you a true healer.

Of those that replied and my rose did not change, I asked one of them to attach his hands to my hand chakras and ask him to heal my knee (which was aching) at that time. I suddenly felt my hands a little heavier then normal. I moved my hands over my knees but nothing seemed to happen.. Next I asked him to heal any pains in my body. This time when my hands moved over my body, I could see flashes of light around my body. This happened for a short while and I thanked him and asked him to detach from my chakras and my hands felt lighter immediately.