Fifth Meditation Class

Mar 06, 2002 – Fifth Meditation class

This class covers 2 basic things. Detecting lies and “havingness”. Detecting lies was straight forward. Ground yourself, put up a protection rose to absorb /defect energies directed at you. Put up a second grounded rose, this time will this rose to react to lies being directed at you. The idea case is that when lies are directed against you, it will react in some way. Change color, fall apart, move .. just about anything instead of remaining the way it was. During the class Jeff was saying many lies and we were asked to determine if it was a lie. This worked fairly well but requires practice. 

The second session was about having-ness. This is basically your ability to have something. In most cases, we have have been brought up in a situation where we are always told what we can have and what we cannot have or what is not due to us. To increase your own personal havingness is to visualize a gauge for any particular thing. For example, a gauge for being in love, for having money. Let the position of the gauge to represent the amount of havingness for that item. Now create a grounding cord from the upper portion, (eg, if you see 60%, put a grounding cord in the balance 40%). Let the grounding cord drain out all the resistance from having it. Now put it in to your gold sun and imagine recalling all the energy that is required to achieve that 100% and more. Then let that energy fall into you filling up your every cell.
Mar 12, 2002 – Experience Updates
My experiences seem to be getting stranger. I’ve seen those white/blue orbs again. This time one of them gave me an image of a Japanese lady in a kimono sitting in a large building. Her lips move and I hear her saying she’s was my mother once. The next odd thing, is that I can now look at my body and see energy flows. Usually, when I started meditation, I have to imagine the energy flow, now I feel that I see it, I don’t have to imagine it anymore (except maybe to start the movement process). I’ve found various regions where ache appears as red glows. I found one in my chest, that seems to be having aches for a while. So I flipped it over and immediately I got an image of me not crying during my fathers funeral. It had a guilty type of feeling over it. So I put this glow in to a rose and blew it up. A couple of days later, that ache disappears for a while but comes back. I guess its too strong to let go of it easily.