Ray Specialist

Best dmg dealer 1 vivi /1 Rogue / 4 Eldritch Archer / 10 Arcane trickster / 4 dragon disciple with composite bow. ( +4 str from mutegen, +4 str disciple + starting str bonus )


Max Dex: Max Chr

Has access to 24 scorching rays daily to imbue the bow.

Scorching ray : You blast your enemies with fiery rays. You may fire one ray, plus one additional ray for every four levels beyond 3rd (to a maximum of three rays at 11th level). Each ray requires a ranged touch attack to hit and deals 4d6 points of fire damage.

and 5 Hellfire ray daily.

Hellfire ray : A blast of hellfire blazes from your hands. You can fire one ray, plus one additional ray for every 4 caster levels beyond 11th (to a maximum of three rays at 19th level). Each ray requires a ranged touch attack to hit and deals 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 15d6)

Each spell fires 3 rays as a free attack from your weapon, each ray applies a 10d6 sneak attack and with a hellfire ray it further splits each ray into two damage types both of which also get a sneak attack.

It is a stupidly broken build.

You can also try the pure caster version with a sorc.

1 vivi / 1 Rogue / 10 Arcane Trickster / 8 Sorc
You lose the extra bow attack + sneak dmg per round but you get more spells per day.

No build unless utilizing sneak attacks and those 2 spells can do half the dmg of these builds.

Power of DOOM

For Sheer Power of DOOM:  It achieve so much hit and damage bonus without EXTERNAL buffs)

Fighter 5/Inquisitor 15 (Community Domain)

End Stats:
Str 22(28 +6 item)
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 16(22 +6 item)
Cha 7

Start fighter 1, go inquisitor 15, finish to fighter 5

Items: +5 full plate, +5 amulet of natural armor, +5 ring of protection, +5 cloak of resistance, any +5 weapon you want, +6 belt of str, +6 headband of wis, gloves of dueling

1st: Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Armor Focus: Heavy
3rd: Crane Style
4th: Precise Strikes
5th: Power Attack
7th: Outflank + Crane Wing
9th: Combat Reflexes
10th: Seize the Momment
11th: Crane Riposte
13th: Improved Critical (your favored weapon, you should have one by now) + Shake it off
15th: Weapon Focus (your favored weapon)
16th: Any teamwork you want
17th: Critical Focus + Staggering Critical
19th: Weapon Specialization (your favored weapon) + anything, maybe toughness
20th: Weapon Training in your favored weapon

Buffs(only the ones YOU can cast, not considering outside buff): Greater Heroism, Divine Power, Righteous Might, Sacred Hearth(Community domain power), Judgment (Damage + anything you want, probably plus saves), Greater Bane Weapon

Total to hit: +20 Bab, +5 Divine Power, +11 Str, +4 Heroism, +6 Sacred, -1 Size, -6 Power Attack, +1 Weapon Focus, +5 Weapon, +3 Weapon Training, -1 Crane Riposte, +2 Bane = +49(+53 flanking), for total +49/49/44/39/34 attack routine

Total plus damage(not counting base weapon damage plus extra dices for flaming weapon or similar): +5 Weapon, +5 Divine Power, +16 Strength, +18 Power Attack, +6 Judgment, +2 Weapon Specialization, +3 Weapon Training, +2 Bane = +57 +4d6 from greater bane(14 damage average) (weapon is 1 size greater due to righteous might… realistic we are talking like 90-100 damage per hit)

Total AC: 10 +14 Armor, +1 Armor Focus, +1 Dodge, +4 Crane Style, +4 Crane Wing, +2 Dex, +5 Deflection, +5 Natural Armor, +6 Sacred, -1 Size = 51 AC with DR 15/Evil

If you flank you only miss on “1” all attacks against AC 40 or less, get TWO attacks of opportunity every time someone on your team crits and do around 100 damage per hit.

Unfortunally both Sacread Heart and Divine Power are bugged and giving no bonuses at the momment.

Champion of debilitating

Race & Abilities 
Muse-Touched Aasimar (+2 Dex, +2 Cha)
Lawful Good

STR: 13
DEX: 18
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 12
CHA: 16

Ability Increases from Level: All to Dex
Ability Increases from Items: Belt to Dex, Headband to Cha

Levels & Feats 
1st Rogue (Thug) : Power Attack
2nd Rogue (Thug): Rogue Ability (Weapon Focus: Rapier)
3rd Rogue (Thug): Dazzling Display
4th Paladin
5th Paladin Dodge or Accomplished Sneak Attacker (your preference)
6th Rogue (Thug): Rogue Ability (Skill Focus Persuasion)
7th Fighter: Cornugon Smash, Shatter Defenses
8th Fighter: Combat Reflexes
9th Fighter: Seize the Moment
10th Fighter: Improved Critical (Rapier)
11th Fighter: Weapon Specialization (Rapier), Weapon Training (Rapier)
12th Rogue(Thug): 
13th Rogue (Thug): Rogue Ability (Combat Feat Critical Focus), Wings Aasimar Only Feat
14th Rogue (Thug):
15th Rogue (Thug): Rogue Ability (your pick), Staggering Critical (Rapier)
Beyond I’m not too sure the options since I haven’t hit high level play

You will be able to max 3 skills all the time and more later. So Persuarion, Trickery, and another of your choice. At level 12+ You can start using excess Rogue skills to flesh out other skills.

Gloves of Dueling: You need 5 levels of fighter for these but they buff your weapon training
Armor / Shield +X: Always favor +X over abilities
Cloak of Resistance +X
Ring of Protection +X
Amulet of Natural Armor +X

Explanation of Build 

The first few levels are rough. You are rushing Rogue to 3rd level so that you can get DEX to damage. However you are no worse than a normal rogue. You should also note thatcurrently power attack is bugged where Finesse weapons only get -1 attack +1 damage. Hopefully this is fixed soon. 

At 4th-5th level you pick up Paladin. This allows you to equip shields and is a huge buff to your saving throws (+3 Fort/Will + your CHA to all saves). Also, casters start becoming more prevalent around this time so you want those Will saves up. Don’t forget, against evil big bad guys SMITE is extrememly powerful. Sure you aren’t getting a big level bonus to damage but you are completely negating their DR.

6th level you hop back to Rogue for Debilitating Injury. I pick to lower their AC because your other abilities (see below) will be drastically reducing their attacks. But you still have flexibility.

7th level is the sweet spot where the build fully comes online. Before you are a tanky rogue with decent damage, now you are a debilitating powerhouse. Cornugon Smash means all of your attacks that hit get a free demoralize check. You are likely to succeed being your race bonus and optimized Persuasion. Enemies hit by you will be demoralized (Intimidate), Flat-Footed (Shatter Defenses), Sickened (Thug Brutal Beating), and AC penalized (Debilitating Injury) for a total of -4 Attack, -2 damage, No Dex to AC, -2 AC(-4 AC for you), -4 saving throws, -4 skill/ability checks. In addition, if your persuasion roll high enough they could outright flee in terror (effectively working like a stun with extra attacks due to Attacks of Opportunity).

8th – 11th are Fighter Levels. These are necessary to pick up your Teamwork Feats in addition to Weapon Training. Having Seize the Moment + High Dex means anytime another team member with this feat gets a crit, you get a free attack. 

Who is your teamate? When you get Amiri at lvl 1 immediately tuck away her big sword (it’s really a sub-optimal weapon) and use a falchion. Also multi-class her with 2-handed fighter and keep her that for a long time. She will still be slightly underpar of a custom built falchion user but it’s not a big deal. She should also then get Seize the Moment. She will only get 2 triggers due to her DEX but she is there to help you. At 10th level both of you will have 15-20 critical threat range and multiple attacks. Expect to trigger this teamwork feat a ton!

Weapon Training is good but way better with Gloves of Dueling (which increase it by +2 attack & damage)

12+ and it’s all gravy with extra sneak attack damage. Once you get Staggering Critical opponents hit by you could lose their full-round attack (since they can only take a standard or move action).

*note* Now as an alternative you could go STR based for better Persuasion (Due to Intimidating Prowess adding STR to CHA) and overall 2-Handed damage but would lose out on a lot of AC due to no shield and extra attacks from seize the moment due to low DEX.

Telcos and their dominance of pricing in Singapore.

This guy made and excellent discussion about Singapore Telcos.:

The point to take away, is that we need fair competition to benefit consumers. The 3 existing telcos have been in dominance for so long, they can price anyway they want and everyone follows suit to the determent of the public.

This new player www.Circle.life is coming in to shake up the industry. Although they are subletting M1’s networks, they are still shocking the industry. When my contract expires this March 2017. This new player will seriously consider shifting. I’m also waiting for Samsung’s new phone as well.

The most interesting thing is that new offering is not a 2 year contract but a monthly renewable one. This allows a user to change his phone as and when he needs to. Like when he loses his phone, or some new bling phone catches his interest.

There is the 4th telco coming in. They may be doing something interesting to gain market share. It would be interesting to see what will happen.