Telcos and their dominance of pricing in Singapore.

This guy made and excellent discussion about Singapore Telcos.:

The point to take away, is that we need fair competition to benefit consumers. The 3 existing telcos have been in dominance for so long, they can price anyway they want and everyone follows suit to the determent of the public.

This new player is coming in to shake up the industry. Although they are subletting M1’s networks, they are still shocking the industry. When my contract expires this March 2017. This new player will seriously consider shifting. I’m also waiting for Samsung’s new phone as well.

The most interesting thing is that new offering is not a 2 year contract but a monthly renewable one. This allows a user to change his phone as and when he needs to. Like when he loses his phone, or some new bling phone catches his interest.

There is the 4th telco coming in. They may be doing something interesting to gain market share. It would be interesting to see what will happen.