Paldo instant noodles

Paldo instant noodles

I found these noodles in Singapore at the Korean shop next to Cold Storage in Parkway parade.¬†They didn’t have any other flavors for this type of cover. It tasted okay after I tried it.


I posted this in a forum

In about a day I found about 300+ unique IPs accessing this picture. It think that roughly translates to about the same number of unique visitors browsing the main forum for the Kpop group IOI. It also provide a host of user-agent strings which was insightful of what sort of browsers were visiting the forum. I also had many IPv6 IPs accessing the picture which was interesting too.

IOI – Whatta Man

IOI is the group formed from the reality show Produce 101 where the public (and only the public) voted to put together a girl group.

This is the sub unit performance for their latest song Whatta man. Which has the sampled course from “what a man ” song.