The Aweshield Paladin

Race & Abilities 
Angelkin Aasimar (+2 Str, +2 Cha)
Lawful Good

STR: 19 (add 1 at level 4)
DEX: 15
CON: 12 
INT: 10
WIS: 8 (You take a hit here, but will not matter)
CHA: 16 (add 4 : level 8,12,16,20)

18 Paladin – 2 Fighter

Levels & Feats 
1st Paladin: Two Weapon Fighting
3rd Paladin: Double Slice 
5th Paladin: Shield Bash
7th Paladin: Shield Wall or Toughness (depend if you will team tank shields or not)
9th Paladin: Critical Focus
10th Fighter : Wings 
11th Fighter : Shield Master 
11th Fighter : Bashing Finish
13th Paladin: Staggering Critical
15th Paladin: Optional 
17th Paladin: Shield Focus or Optional (change as you need)
19th Paladin: Armor Focus (Heavy) or Metamagic (maximize spell) or Optional

I put all in Knowledge World and Persuasion. For a Diplomatic Cook.

Start using dual weapons (light weapon in off-hand) until level 5, then you start Shield Bashing and the real tanking begins. At level 11 the DPS become real good, then at level 13 become a “Professional Anesthetist”. Make sure to have Keen at all time.