Inherent energy of churches

Inherent energy of churches

Some time after I came back to Singapore. I visited several churches for various reasons, baptism of relatives and even Sunday service.

I noticed that some churches have overwhelming energy but not necessary in a good way. Normally, I am sensitive to energy, and have shields setup to deflect incoming energy that mine to begin with. In one church, the energy was so strong that I had to recreate new ways to turn back and ground off the incoming energy which was surprising at that time. Upon reflection, having a huge crowd allows it to create unintentionally from the people a common thought which was the intent and purpose.

First the energy always seeks to seek to implant their wishes into a person. Together with the right beat of music (65-72) beats per minute, it can be down right hypnotic. The music was loud and encourage the crowd to sing and dance to it.

One church in particular that I visited, City Harvest. When I was reading the energy. On surface value, it was peace and love and so on.

However, as I peeled off each layer (like an onion), the inner most core was domination and control. Which to me was not surprising as that church mandate to their believers is to convert as many as possible. That church has a younger crowd which is probably more susceptible to brainwashing. They have mandated large contributions to their cause and not doing so is frowned upon.

Eventually, I did the same energy reading on various other churches like the Catholic church Holy Family, Anglican church St. Andrew’s Cathedral and a few more. All these didn’t have such a negative core. In fact, the core was really love and positive family values, which was very nice in my opinion.

The point of this post, as with all religions, not all groups have your interest at heart.